"The Anatomy of Yoga Asana with Laura Antelmi"


These trainings are a must have for yoga teachers and and yoga students who are interested in deepening their knowledge of the human body to inform their teaching, their practice or both!

Each day of the intensive includes an asana class that will emphasize the anatomy that we are studying on that day.

After the lecture we will build the human anatomy using clay which is a powerful way to commit the information to memory and, together with the asana class map the knowledge directly to the human body.

The intensive includes ample time for discussion of the anatomy as it relates to yoga postures, common injuries and how to prevent them.

Often the workshops include a field trip to a cadaver lab to study anatomy in human cadavers. If it does it will be indicated.

The workshop is comprehensive and Laura has nearly 20 years of experience making learning anatomy not only accessible but alos engaging and fun!


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